Wednesday, June 20, 2007

7 reasons why podcasts are better than radio

1- You cannot miss a podcast. If you weren't around when the radio transmitted, you are lost. But when a program is available as a podcast you can go and find, download and listen in your own time

2- Something comes up, what now? Even if you decide not to miss the radio program, you have been distracted for a moment and missed a couple of seconds. Not chance of going back. Let alone, stop the program, attend to what came up and go back and continue listening -- with podcast you can.

3- Rinse and repeat, or alternatively, skid forward. Do you want to hear that section again? Or do you want to skip the next minutes and move on afterwards? With podcast you can.

4- You think making radio or podcast doesn't differ? Ha! Think again. Listen to In Our Time of BBC's Radio Four. What do you do when a guest on the show is delayed and broadcast is about to start? With podcast you can wait. With Radio the guest arrives in the studio, panting, during the program.

5- Or what about the end of the show? With radio you time is up. The next item will break into the conversation, no matter what. With podcast you can go on. How many times must I read in Melvyn Bragg's letters about the latest In Our Time, what great conversation was there after the broadcast? That is cruel!

6- In fact, I do not need the confirmation from Melvyn (photo). So many times with In Our Time or Simek 's Nachts I feel we are exactly now hitting on something. We are getting past scratching the surface and then? Show is over. But with podcast, one goes on.

7- Even the guests appreciate podcast better than radio. Writer Micheal Mayer expresses his gratitude in Shrinkrapradio #96. This is so much better than radio. "I get the chance to really explain what I have to say."