Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Domestic Science

What happened to the Evolution Creation Divide? Has The Missing Link Podcast given up on this subject? Host Elizabeth Green Musselman makes a remark at the beginning of the latest podcast, (which handles a different subject) suggesting the series about the Divide is done. I suppose more could be said and who knows whether it is going to be back. For now, The Missing Link is back to normalcy.

In this episode, attention is turned to science in 19th century Britain. There is a guest essay about Mary Somerville, the science writer and Musselman herself ponders on popular science, science education to children and how this was handled in those days. Lastly there is also the regular rubric 'on the shelf', which contains reviews of accessible science books on the market right now.

The Missing Link has a splendid mix of academia and radio to be a very effective podcast in science and history. Some improvement of the sound quality in the guest essays could be hoped for, but other than that, a well balanced, much recommended podcast.

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