Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Podcast reviews; I am not alone

Persistent searches on the net keep giving me the idea that a blog on podcast reviews is a rare creature. I have run into a handful of blogs that either do the occasional review, or have been concentrated on podcast reviews but were abandoned with little content accumulated. What has sprung up rather recently are two podcasts that review podcasts. As podcasts go they have their websites and as such can be viewed also as blogs. Kindred spirits.

That Podcast Show started this December and has released thirteen episodes by now. The show is presented by Daniel and Jana Sellers from the US and tends to give three reviews per show. The podcasts are chosen throughout the spectrum of what is out there. The hosts discuss their impressions and ideas each in their own style creating a very personal atmosphere; Daniel is relaxed and laid back as opposed to Jana who seems to be with her eyes on the ball all the time. It makes you feel being informed by your peers. Eventually the review is allotted a rating in a five star system. Even though this is one rating all aspects of a podcast are discussed: is it informative, entertaining, of good audio quality and such.

A more recent starter is Podwatch by host 'Tom' from Australia. Tom evaluates the podcasts on entertainment value, quality of content, production quality, rates those each on a scale of 10 and then concludes with an overall rating on the same scale. His reviews are intelligent and detailed and in addition to the reviews he also talks of technology and other subjects. His choice of podcasts to review seems to be poised also towards science and technology, but there are also some podcasts of other tastes. He has accomplished five shows by now resulting in some 10 podcast reviews.

I am very glad to have found these colleagues in cyberspace. I recommend checking them out, either in the blogs (all reviews appear in writing as well) or on podcast. So far you cannot compare us as none of us has reviewed a show another has touched. The pond is large and the fishermen are still very few.

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