Saturday, January 31, 2009

New podcasts in January 2009 - Anne is a Man

New podcasts mentioned on this blog for the first time in January 2009.

Behind the News with Doug Henwood (review, site, feed)
Left leaning commentary show on politics and economics. With a surprisingly original choice of music around items.

Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) (review, site)
Professor Christine Hayes's fast paced comprehensive lecture series tackling the Hebrew Bible with modern scholarly methods. (Technically not a podcast)

University of California San Diego (UCSD):
MMW 2 - The Great Classical Traditions (review, site, feed)
History of the classical era covering not just the west. Professor Charles Chamberlain

CAT 2 - Culture, Art and Technology (review, site, feed)
Cultural history series that tries to show the dialectic of knowledge and society. Professor Tal Golan

VIS 22 - Formations of Modern Art (review, site, feed)
Art history class covering the last centuries of painting. Professor Salley Yard or Professor William Bryson

HUM 4 - Enlightenment, Romanticism, Revolution (site, feed) a lecture series in the humanities, trying to map the cultural development since the 17th century. Professor Eric Watkins.

POLI 120A - Politcial Development of Western Europe (site, feed) Political science course that assesses European history and attempts to explain the kind of sovereignty that developed. Professor Victor Magagna

PSYC 105 - Introduction Cognitive Psychology (site, feed) Introduction to cognitive psychology. Professor David Peterzell

SOCD 188J - Change in Modern South Africa (site, feed) Overview of recent history in South Africa. Professor Ivan Evans

SOCL 1B - The Study of Society (site, feed) Lecture series in Sociology. Professor Ivan Evans

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