Monday, January 19, 2009

Anne is a Man - hoping for more growth

I have been reporting every quarter about the growth of Anne is a Man's readership and this time around I am not sure if I can really report actual growth. The feeling is that we are stabilizing and however nice that is, I am still hoping for more. The graph below shows the blog statistics (by statcounter) which is only one of the indicators. What you see is a stable interest that boils down to around 200 visitors per day.

Other indicators are the feed statistics (by Feedburner) which indicates the amount of regular readers who follow the blog not by visiting, but rather from an RSS reader. These are not caught by Statcounter and, once a visitor decides to start following through RSS, he or she will far less frequently visit the page. In other words, the blog stats are bound to lose to RSS readers. This is indeed what seems to be happening in the last three months. While my the amount of visitors stabilized around 200, the amount of feed readers shot up from a little over 50 to around 100.

The last two indicators are for one my Technorati rating which counts how many sources on the web point to the blog over the last 180 days. This number has gone down from 22 to 18. (Hey, where are those links?!) The second indicator is the following on Networked Blogs, which I set up only recently and has added already over 30 followers.

Rss following at the beginning of 2009,
October 2008: continued growth,
July 2008: small but growing.