Friday, August 10, 2007

Religion and Spirituality podcasts

BMS World Mission (review, site, feed)
A show made for the partners of the Baptist Mission world wide. A rather light radio style program with items related to missionary work.

Chronicles Radio Dispatches (review, site, feed)
Interview podcast from Shambala Buddhist center in Canada.

KMTT Torah Podcast (review, site, feed)
From a yeshiva in Israel, KMTT delivers podcasts in both Hebrew and English on a wide variety of Jewish subjects. Teachings are delivered by different rabbis.

Muscular Judaism (review, site, feed)
A podcast delivering the recordings of five lectures delving into the story of Samson and trying to interpret this unusual figure in Judaism.

Only in America (review, site, feed)
Larry Josephson's podcast series containing to threads, one is the history of American Jewry and the other is a set of interviews with leading Jews today, such as Peter Geffen and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Rav Dovid (review, site, feed)
New York rabbi David Bendory lectures on a wide variety of Jewish subjects; Halachah, Kashrut, Torah and so on.

Speaking Of Faith (APM) (review, site, feed)
APM's nondenominational radio program with Krista Tippett, touching on religious and spiritual subjects, mostly in interviews with very interesting guests.

Time Out for Truth (review, site, feed)
New Age philosophy on how to live the good life, by examples of a lot of movies

What is Judaism? (review, site, feed)
An old podcast, which unfortunately has podfaded. Journalist Larry Josephson speaks with Rabbi Ismar Schorsch about Jewish Holidays, tradition and spirituality.

Wynyfryd's Meditation Room (review, site, feed)
Pagan Wynyfryd collects meditations from all sources and turns them into audio mixed with appropriate music. A podcast that delivers irregularly, but each meditation is (of course) intended for repetition.

Your Your Purpose Centered Life (review, site, feed)
Life coach Eric Maisel presents his philosophy for Authentic Living; a life in which one chooses and defines meaning actively rather than find or receive it externally.

Zencast (review, site, feed)
Dharma teachings by Gil Fronsdal and others. Live from a Buddhist center in California.

Church History (review, site, feed)
A podcast by Covenant Seminary (a theological institution of the Presbyterian Churches of America (PCA)) on Church History, which covers the history from the early apostolic period until the Reformation.

From Israelite to Jew (review, site, feed)
Bible Scholar and religious Jew Michael Satlow in a podcast series revealing the history of the Jewish people in the pivotal transitional post-exilic period in which they transformed from being a nation (Israelites) to a religious ethnic group (Jews). There is also a very loosely related episode about the Talmud in this series.

Historical Jesus (review, site, feed)
Lecture series, including syllabus and link to the central book, by theology professor Thomas Sheehan about the Historical Jesus. Sheehan carefully takes the listener through the intricacies of dissecting Scripture to the most authentic sources to Yeshua of Nazareth himself.

Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) (review, site, feed)
A lecture series that manages to reveal a world of investigations and interpretations of the Bible's content, covering an enormous amount of it. Each story could receive an entire course in itself.

Pope podcast (review, site, feed)
An amateur podcast that covers the history of the papacy pope by pope.

Religion and Law in US, HIUS 155A - UCSD (review, site, feed)course, taught by Professor Michael Parrish, teaches the legal and religious foundations of the American Society until the Civil War.

Religion and Law in US, HIUS 155B - UCSD (review, site, feed)course, taught by Professor Michael Parrish, teaches the legal and religious foundations of the American Society from the Civil War until the present.

Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean (review, site, feed)
Canadian professor Philip Harland analyzes Paul's letters, Acts and the Gospels and other sources where available in a historical reconstruction

Bio-ethics podcast (review, site, feed)
A podcast about ethics in the realm of medical technology and bio-technology with a clear fundamentalist Christian signature.

Prosperity show (review, site, feed)
A suspended podcast about money in our lives.