Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Speaking of Faith - Einstein and Ethics

After this program I feel a bit dissatisfied. Einstein's ethics was a little bit about his pacifism and slightly more about his stance against segregation. (see transcript) Neither elements were presented in some systematic form and they were hardly coupled to each other or to more Einsteinian ethics. Is this all there is? I have a feeling there is more.

I must point out this is a good program and an interesting edition, but it is so obviously radio. You are treated with snippets from Einstein and from the interviews Tippett did. In the end, it is the inevitable assemblage nature of the program that leaves me dissatisfied and I understand that for a program such as Speaking of Faith it cannot be different.

It is for the likes of me, that the site offers additional stuff. More from the interviews, authentic audio with the voice of Albert Einstein, links, more from Krista Tippett's book (with the same title: Speaking of Faith) and her journal. Thus, you can make your own assemblage. An assemblage it remains, I am afraid.

The Daily Whiplash (7)

The whole day yesterday, pains kept haunting me and I had the impression (as I wrote) the pain killers had begun to wear off. So today I am trying to survive without taking them at all. I am not sure whether I will be able to handle until the end, but so far so good. The pain is still bearable.