Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The stumble peak

About a week ago I had a sudden rise in visitors on my blog. This phenomenon lasted for a couple of hours. Even if it went away, some of its effects are still felt and this gives those readers who want to actively support the blog (or any other site they love, for that matter) a good idea what they can do.

The spike was caused by StumbleUpon. Someone noted two of my pages on StumbleUpon and right after that, the hours of traffic came streaming in. As a matter of fact I still have some referrals from StumbleUpon daily. In addition, a sharp rise in RSS subscriptions came about.

And so, what you can do, for my blog and any other site you like, is note its pages at StumbleUpon. For this purpose, you must create an account over there and it is also advised to install the toolbar. From there on, you can give a thumbs up, on any page you visit. If you like, you can also add a review. From that moment on, the page is pushed to the StumbleUpon community.

As you amass your preferences, StumbleUpon will also help you find more pages that you like. You can click 'stumble' and you will be led to a page another stumbler noted and that you might like as well. It enhances your own browsing and it directs traffic to the sites you appreciate, which is great for those content makers like myself, who always hope to get a wider audience.

So, to everybody who 'stumbles' my blog - thanks a lot!