Sunday, February 15, 2009

Idealism - Philosophy Bites review

The podcast Philosophy Bites has quietly moved to a schedule of releasing every two weeks. I reported my suspicion and it has been confirmed by the makers themselves. Apart from that, no change. The podcast remains the short interview about a philosophical subject.

The latest issue I heard dug into idealism. This is a notion about reality that, in my own words, assumes it is dependent of consciousness. Or in other words, this keyboard exists, because I am aware of it.. I remember reading a quote from Churchill in Popper's book Objective Knowledge about idealism. It doesn't exactly ridicule it, but simply shoves it aside for reasons of common sense. Yet, now that we assume all sorts of intangible particles to be part of physical reality, how much common sense is in that?

In any way, Idealism is a serious philosophical standpoint. Not only in western philosophy, also in Chinese and Indian traditions. The issue of Philosophy Bites explores these, compares them and points out where all traditions can learn from each other. Implicitly, idealism is taken seriously and one is invited to ponder the merits of the approach.

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