Monday, December 28, 2009

Bhopal, Russell and more

Binge Thinking History - Amateur history podcast that currently retells the history of the British Navy. In the latest episode: New tactics and technology help the Navy. And the loss of the US, seems to also serve the British Empire more than it harms. (site, feed)

Rear Vision - This radio program on Australia's ABC had a rerun of their excellent issue about the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, more widely known as the conference that produced the controversial Treaty of Versailles. Read my former review of this show: Versailles 1919.

Indicast - A new podcast I started following. About current affairs in India. The episode I would want to recommend, in spite of very poor audio quality is a discussion about the continuous harm from the Bhopal gas disaster and the poor handling of the affair. (site, feed)

Philosophy Bites - This is undoubtedly one of the best intellectual podcasts on the web. Very good was the edition with AC Grayling on Bertrand Russell. (site, feed)

UChannel Podcast / LSE Podcast - In conversation with Amartya Sen. This edition took me a long time to listen to. The audio was too poor to allow for listening in the car or in the mall (I love listening to podcasts while shopping), but nevertheless a very interesting and engaging talk - as usual with Amartya Sen. (LSE site, UCP feed)

I am checking a number of book and publisher podcasts:
Beyond the Book (feed) - About issues of copyright
Chicago Audio Works (feed)
Harvard Press; authors off the page (feed)
MIT press podcast (feed)
Stanford University Press Podcast (feed)
University of California Press podcast (feed)
Yale press podcast (feed)