Sunday, October 19, 2008

Volkis Stimme - German podcast review

I had not heard this kind of comedy on podcast yet, though there must be plenty around. The mock news bulletin is a comedy routine that sort of begs to be done. The German podcast Volkis Stimme therefore draws recollections of all the others who I have heard do that before. Have I Got News For You, Eretz Nehederet and Hans Dorrestijn are my handful memories that burst through. I am sure everybody will have their own reminiscing to do. (feed)

Host Volker Klärchen takes twelve news items of the week, including at least some politics, sports and one weather item and fills a six minute podcast with mock news. Volker handles this podcast very true to the art. It takes familiarity with the German actuality landscape to follow the majority of the items, but by all means each and every gag is bound to make you smile at least. The leaders in the program are of the regular TV news style and the inserted audio fragments are snippets Volker managed to clip from true sources, but also some that he makes by himself, revealing him to be a rather promising voice artist.

The result is a light podcast that gives you the weekly laugh at the news you just needed. Don't let your impression be ruined by Volker's last name. This is not Klärchen erzählt ein Märchen which is the rhyme I keep making in my head. This show is truly befitting the stand-up comedy of Have I Got News For You and Eretz Nehederet. And as far as Hans Dorrestijn is concerned; I was wondering whether Volker might understand Dutch and has heard Dorrestijn. In one of the sports items he uses the exact same joke I have heard Dorrestijn make over twenty years ago. When reporting on an athlete having broken a record, he adds: "the record was not seriously hurt." Coincidence, I suppose.

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