Saturday, July 17, 2010

George Hrab - The Geologic Podcast

Often I find podcasts by chance, this time I found one by accident, or more accurately, by misunderstanding. One of my methods to induce these chances (or accidents) is by following podcast related tweets and there was one that simply said 'checking the geologic podcast' with a feed link. And I copied without checking.

I was expecting a podcast about geology and even though it struck me as odd and out of place that it should be labeled 'explicit' I still put it in my playlist and gave it a shot.

The reason for using a playlist of podcasts is that one effortlessly moves from one podcast to the next. Moreover, the next button is a one touch option to move along and believe me, I use that one lightly. It is what you get with being a podcast reviewer. It is professional impatience. And so, while I figured within seconds I had the wrong expectations with The Geologic Podcast (feed), I could have skipped instantly and if not instantly then within a couple of minutes of additional listening.

But George Hrab had me engaged. He was witty, intelligent, opinionated and provocative. Obviously this was no scientific podcast, this was comedy. One hour of monologues by George Hrab, comedian and musician, good enough to keep me captivated for 60 minutes - that is telling