Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New podcast reviews at Anne is a Man

September was a month I dedicated to picking up as many academic podcasts from the new year as I could. Apart from those, there were also other types of new podcasts I reviewed for the first time. A side-effect of this month's new reviews, I will have to start a new category list: Economics. There are some known podcasts that may fit into the category, but two new ones this month have made creating it a necessity as they would not go anywhere else:

Economics 100B (Berkeley) Economic Analysis--Macro (review , site , feed )
Now is a particularly interesting time to study macro-economics. Not only in the light of the upcoming elections, where the suggested economic policies can be measured with what you learn on the podcast. Also because of the stormy developments in the global economy and national economies.

Harvard Business IdeaCast (review , site , feed )
Innovative business ideas laid out in short podcasts.

In the category of History Podcasts:
History 5 (Hesse - Berkeley) (review , site , feed )
European history from the Renaissance till today with the personal, somewhat thematic, touch of Professor Carla Hesse.

East Asian Thought (UCSD) (review , site, feed )
Excellent Professor Magagna does it again. Your access road to understanding East-Asian philosophy and culture.

MMW6 (UCSD) (review , site, feed)
Modern history told with a political science touch.

In the category of Science Podcasts:
Letters and Science (Berkeley) (review , site , feed )
Physics for future presidents, or: technology without the math.

In the category of Philosophy and Thought Podcasts:
Ancient Philosophy (Berkeley) (review , site , feed  )
Introduction into classical thinkers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle.

Philosopy 6 (Berkeley) Man, God, and Society in Western Literature (review, site , feed )
Hubert Dreyfus's search with Heidegger.

In the category of Geography Podcasts:
Geography 110C (Berkeley) Economic Geography of the Industrial World (review, site , feed )
Thought-provoking course about our world today and the toughest issues it faces.

Geography of Europe (ASU) (review , site, feed )
Low level introductory course into Europe.

In the category of Arts and Culture Podcasts:
Practice of Art (Berkeley) Foundations of American Cyber-Culture (review, site , feed )
An exploration of cyber-culture

The Bitterest Pill (review, site , feed )
The stylized lamentations of a failed comedian and actor who is condemned to lead the live of a stay-at-home dad.

In the category of News & Politics Podcasts:
Political Science 179 (Berkeley) (review , site , feed )
Provocative introduction into politics.

In the category of Psychology Podcasts:
Real Talk (review , site , feed )
The podcast for the eavesdropper. Listen in to adolescent talk.

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