Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Economics - Berkeley lecture podcast

Berkeley's course Economics 100B is about macro-economic analysis. In the dichotomy of classical and Keynesian economists, the lecturer, Steven A. Wood, confesses to be a Keynesian. Somehow I expected that with macro-economics, but that may just be my prejudice.

This course has by now proceeded to the fifth lecture and while it has been developing along the regular schemes of university lecture courses. These are some audio issues (most of which has been resolved) some visuals you miss out on (most notably the equations on the board) and there are the opening minutes with announcements for the students. The result is audio that is not particularly fit for leisurely listening to podcast. However, it sure delivers the goods and teaches macro-economics, without additional entertainment value.

As professor Wood points out: this is a particularly interesting time to study macro-economics. Not only in the light of the upcoming elections, where the suggested economic policies can be measured with what you learn on the podcast. Also because of the stormy developments in the global economy and national economies. Thus, this course is also useful for understanding in the light of all the historic, and geopolitical changes the world is going through - or so one may hope.

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