Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reported podcasts since November - Anne is a Man

Hi Anne!

I write children's poetry and decided to create a podcast of me reading them - for children who don't have my book, for those who want to read along or just listen in the car.
So far, I've only read published poems (52), and they're in the same order as the book. But now that my Podcast has been out for a month, I'll start adding more new and unpublished poems...
Anything to give parents a few minutes break while sparking the imaginations of their children!

Right now on Podbean, I am the 3rd most listened to podcast in the Kids/Family category.
I'd love it if you'd review my work:

Carrie Heyes Doopod: poetry for kids (feed)

Carrie Heyes


Hello everyone,

Announcing a new Catholic podcast that examines books and movies from a Catholic perspective.

It features Scott Danielson and I (Julie Davies from Forgotten Classics - AFDV) who have a lot in common. We are both frequent contributors to SFFaudio (a science fiction audiobook review site and podcast) and also both practicing Catholics. After an SFFaudio podcast one week (the Readalong about The Stars My Destination), we realized that there was a lot to say about some of these books from a Catholic perspective, and we were leaving much of it unsaid. This led to the idea of a podcast where we talk about books and movies “as Catholics”.

So we did it! We just posted the first episode – where we discuss Alden Bell’s excellent zombie novel The Reapers Are the Angels. The podcast is called A Good Story is Hard to Find (feed).  The iTunes feed will be coming soon.
Please join us!

Julie Davis

Anonymous recommendation:

Poem Podcast from the Poetry Translation Centre (feed)


Greg has left a new comment on your post "Report a Podcast":

Not strictly speaking a podcast, but a collection of MP3 audio lectures on Jewish history from the Old Testament stories to the present day. Rabbi Ken Spiro gives not only the history of the Jewish people, but also a good insight into Jewish beliefs and their interpretation of history. Very clear and entertaining presentation suitable for an audience without a background in history. Total duration is about 24 hours.


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The Inverse Delirium podcast is a comedic take on public radio, produced in Baltimore, USA. Inspired by the likes of Monty Python, Mr Show, Daffy Duck, and Word Jazz, each 12-minute show features interviews and sketches straight from the mind of creator Geoffrey Welchman. Watch the line between reality and reality podcasting blur! (feed)



My name is Diana Brown. I'm a performer and founding member on the podcast Radiostar Improv.. (feed)

Radiostar is produced by Dan Wilson of Cassandra's Call Productions. We'd like to have Radiostar Improv reviewed on your site.
My email address is

You can reach our producer at

Thanks for considering us.

Diana Brown


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"We Hate Movies!" is a bad movie podcast that's actually funny. Please check us out and let us know what you think. (feed)

Please contact me at szyszka at if you do review it. Would love to hear your input. Thanks!


Stuart Andrews here from CINEPHOBIA RADIO. (feed)

I'd love you to check out the podcast. As far as I'm aware, it's one of the most intensely produced film podcasts on the internet (and I'm an avid listener of film podcasts.)

The WINNEBAGO MAN episode is probably a good starting point - although there are career retrospective interviews with the likes of Malcolm McDowell and Ray Harryhausen on there as well.

Hope you manage to listen.....

:- Stuart Feedback Andrews