Monday, August 2, 2010

Heads-up for 2 August 2010

Ideas (CBC Radio)
The ancient philosophy of Stoicism can still direct to lead a good life, even today. Philosopher William B. Irvine offers us a refreshing look at a school of thought that teaches the importance of tranquility.
A Guide to the Good Life
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In the past days a lot of new poems were brought by Classic Poetry Aloud (review, feed)

The History of Rome with a episode about The Equestrian. Carcalla was killed by his Praetorian Prefect Macrinus in 217 AD. Macrinus then spent a troubled year as Emperor before the House of Severus came back to challenge his rule.
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Wikileaks - NPR Fresh Air

The revelations of Wikileaks are constantly on the news and on NPR's Fresh Air last month (Entering The Secret World Of Wikileaks) Philip Shenon expresses the expectation that some time in August more disclosures are to follow. (I am writing this post a couple of days before publishing so there may be more news by the time you read this) And so it is worth taking a listen to the interview with Shenon on Fresh Air.

The radio program Fresh Air is broadcast five days a week and the last two weeks' issues are available in the podcast feed, even though the entire archive is available for streaming. Unlike the BBC, NPR allows these old issues also to be downloaded. So if you want to have it as a podcast still, subscribing to NPR won't help, but you can take it from my huffduffer wikileaks feed. With the help of huffduffer I also can offer the issue as a stream embedded on the blog, below.

Entering The Secret World Of Wikileaks : NPR on Huffduffer

I was alerted to this interview on the blog Open Culture. Open Culture is a blog anyone who likes Anne is a Man, should follow as well. It offers daily great pointers to great cultural content on the web which is also free, whether it is audio or any other kind of media.

More NPR Fresh Air:
Kissinger and the president.