Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Political Science lecture series - podcast review

Compelling and provocative. In the first two lectures of Berkeley's undergraduate course in political science (Political Science 179), Alan Ross does everything to bring out the fireworks. Ross doesn't believe in teaching the science. He brings guest speakers, preferably ones with unusual points to make, to bring debate, to bring politics to life.

If his speakers won't do that, he will himself. He does the first lecture and challenges his audience, not only with provocations. He uses sheer sarcasm. 'Hey you with the funny t-shirt, you look like you have an attitude.' 'All those people who said their vote counts, what are they? Wrong!'

You absolutely do not have to agree, just do not fall asleep. If only you weren't listening on the podcast, but actually could be there; you could participate. Where do you find such with regards to politics these days?

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