Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dan Carlin announcement

Today I received an email from Dan Carlin, making an announcement that all you podcast listeners who follow his Hardcore History, will want to know.

His series about the Punic wars is delayed. He was planning to make it into a double episode, but has decided to make it a trilogy in stead. Nevertheless the publication of the second installment is going to be soon. It just won't be the final. A lot of the material that has already been recorded will be discarded. For those who are interested in the full version, Dan relates, this may become available at a premium. See Dan's blog.

I appreciate he lets quality prevail over a preset publication schedule. I have seen this happening with many podcasts lately. The on demand character of the medium also allows for an on supply approach, I gather. We listener's have so much to choose from, we won't suffer if there is less, especially when what is there, is properly produced.

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