Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ancient Philosophy - Berkeley lecture series

Berkeley's Course about Ancient Philosophy covers, according to the first lecture Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, which needless to say leaves out no small number of ancients, but surely is a fine traditional, classical approach. Should you decide to go follow, get out your Crito and start reading already.

I do not know this course from any earlier incarnations, but it sure kicks off rather nicely. The lecturer - David Ebrey - is clear, sympathetic and inviting. Apart from teaching Socrates and so on, Ebrey wants to hone his students' philosophical skills. That is what is always the most exciting part, I think, of philosophy courses: to be challenged in the way of thinking. Thinking harder and thinking differently and in many ways more accurately.

It doesn't always makes for easy podcasts, so that is why you are advised to try and keep up with readign if you can. Also, due to some copyrighted content, the second lecture was not recorded and so you jump from the introduction, straight into the third. The intention is that there will be no more skips like these.

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