Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cyber Culture - lecture podcast review

Berkeley's Practice of Art 23AC Foundations of American Cyber-Culture is a fascinating lecture series, but if it so far has taught me what American Cyber-Culture is, it did so more by showing than by explanation. I was expecting something of a distant academic course, but up to this point rather have the feeling of observing some of this culture.

The good thing is that this makes for an engaging podcast and another good thing is that it has a certain entertaining value. The lecturer, Joseph Donald McKay, is endearing, funny and authoritative at the same time. He used a good amount of time to properly explain some of the more complicated technical stuff as well as give an historical perspective at certain subjects.

However, what remains rather vague, even after 5 lectures, is where this series is going. What is McKay trying to achieve? It doesn't help that he refers to no small amount of visuals and the lecture doesn't feel to be very structured. If it is, nonetheless, the structure doesn't catch the podcast listener. So what remains is to bear with him and experience whatever he comes up with. Then, you can pick out, whatever you need, or like. Isn't that what cyber-culture is all about?

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