Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cameron Reilly wonders whether podcasting is dead

If it is. Did video kill it? The big guys, like big media networks, killed it? Did it die for lack of a market? Is there no revenue to be had? Is the technology no good?

Needless to say, podcast Cameron Reilly does not think podcasting is dead. The hype is over and the real thing has only begun.

While he talks of how podcasting is all about creating communities (and he is not the only one who does this), it struck me that he doesn't go into a business model at all. Podcasting does not seem to be an economical activity in itself. So, what is its future? Promotional offering?

Or should technology make podcasts more user-friendly and gap the bridge between the radio and the podfeed, so that the full audience could be reached?

What remains, by all means, is that podcasting is still young and looking to build its life.

More Cameron Reilly:
Biography podcasts,
Sargon of Akkad and Ramses II,
Helen of Troy,
Alexander the Great - Biography Show,
TPN Napoleon 1O1.

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Anne's podcast list - November 2008

UPDATE: we now have 268 podcasts reviewed. (click this link for the latest list)

Here is the full list of podcasts I have reviewed since beginning this blog. Each link relates to the latest review I wrote about the podcast. With 200 podcasts in the list and 800 posts in my blog, obviously there are many podcasts with more than one review.
  1. 12 Byzantine Rulers
  2. 7th Son
  3. Africa (Stanford Travel)
  4. Africa Past and Present
  5. All Things Medieval
  6. American Environmental and Cultural History (Berkeley ESPM 160AC)
  7. American History before 1870
  8. Ancient and Medieval Podcast
  9. Ancient History - Alternative Theories
  10. Ancient Philosophy (Berkeley)
  11. Are we alone?
  12. Backstory
  13. BBC History Magazine
  14. Behind the Black Mask
  15. Beyond Good and Evil (Librivox)
  16. Big Ideas (TVO)
  17. Bike Radar
  18. Binge Thinking History
  19. Bioethics podcast
  20. Biography Podcast (Learn Out Loud)
  21. the Biography Show (TPN)
  22. Biota Podcast
  23. Birth of the Modern (Arizona State University)
  24. Bommel Hoorspel
  25. British History 101
  26. Car Talk
  27. CATS 2 Culture and Technology Studies (UCSD)
  28. Celtic Myth Podshow 
  29. CFR Podcast
  30. Chronicles Radio Dispatches
  31. Church History
  32. Dan Carlin's Common Sense
  33. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History 
  34. David Kalivas' World History
  35. Distillations
  36. East Asian Thought (UCSD)
  37. Economics 100B (Berkeley)
  38. the Economist
  39. EconTalk
  40. Engines of our Ingenuity
  41. English 117S (Berkeley)
  42. Entitled opinions
  43. Everything Lincoln
  44. Existentialism in Literature and Film (Phil 7 - Berkeley)
  45. Exploring Environmental History
  46. F1Cast
  47. Fact or Fiction
  48. Forgotten Classics
  49. Frankenstein, or modern Prometheus (Librivox)
  50. Fresh Air (NPR)
  51. From our own Correspondent (BBC)
  52. Geography 110C (Berkeley) Economic Geography of the Industrial World
  53. Geography 130 (Berkeley)
  54. Geography of Europe (Arizona State University)
  55. Geography of World Cultures (Stanford)
  56. German Cultural History
  57. Geschiedewistjedatjes
  58. Global Geopolitics (Stanford)
  59. Hank's History Hour
  60. Hannibal (Stanford)
  61. Haring Podcast
  62. Harvard Business IdeaCast
  63. Historical Jesus (Stanford)
  64. Historicast
  65. History 106B (Berkeley)
  66. History 167B (Berkeley)
  67. History 181B (Berkeley)
  68. History 2311 (Temple College)
  69. History 2312 (Temple College)
  70. History 4A (Berkeley)
  71. History 5 (Anderson - Berkeley)
  72. History 5 (Hesse- Berkeley)
  73. History 5 (Laqueur - Berkeley)
  74. History 7B (Berkeley)
  75. History according to Bob
  76. History Compass Blog
  77. History Network
  78. History of Holland (Librivox)
  79. History of Rome
  80. History of the International System (Stanford)
  81. History Podcast
  82. Historypod
  83. Historyzine 
  84. ICT Update
  85. In Our Time (BBC)
  86. In the Media (WNYC)
  87. Inspired Minds (Deutsche Welle)
  88. Interview Vrijdag (VPRO)
  89. Introduction to German Politics (Oxford)
  90. Introduction to Language (Arizona State University)
  91. Iran Podcast
  92. Irving Poetry podcast
  93. ITV
  94. Jung Podcast
  95. KMTT
  96. KQED Forum
  97. Language (UCSD)
  98. Letters and Science (Berkeley)
  99. LSE Podcast
  100. Making History with Ran Levi - עושים היסטוריה
  101. Marathon Interview (VPRO)
  102. Matt's Today In History
  103. Medieval & Renaissance Studies Events (Virginia Tech)
  104. Medieval Podcast
  105. Midwest Writer
  106. Military History Podcast 
  107. Missing Link
  108. MMW 3, the medieval heritage (Chamberlain - UCSD)
  109. MMW 3, the medieval heritage (Herbst - UCSD)
  110. MMW 4 (UCSD)
  111. MMW6 (UCSD)
  112. Muscular Judaism
  113. My Three Shrinks
  114. Namaste Stories
  115. Napoleon 1O1 (TPN)
  116. National Archives Podcast
  117. Naxos Classical Music Spotlight Podcast
  118. New World Orders
  119. Night's Knights
  120. Nonviolence (Berkeley PACS 164A)
  121. Nonviolence today (Berkeley PACS 164B)
  122. NRC FM
  123. Only in America
  124. Open Source
  125. Out of the past
  126. OVT (VPRO)
  127. Oxford Biographies
  128. Oy Mendele!
  129. Parnell's History Podcast
  130. Peopletalk's Podcast
  131. Physics for future Presidents (Berkeley)
  132. Philosopher's Zone
  133. Philosophy 103
  134. Philosophy 7 (Berkeley)
  135. Philosophy Bites 
  136. the Philosophy Podcast
  137. Philosopy 6 (Berkeley) Man, God, and Society in Western Literature
  138. Podcast history of cooking
  139. Podcasts on Medieval Texts (Virginia Tech)
  140. Podwatch
  141. Political Science 179 (Berkeley)
  142. Politics and Warfare (UCSD)
  143. Pope Podcast 
  144. Practice of Art (Berkeley) Foundations of American Cyber-Culture
  145. Prosperity show
  146. Radiolab (WNYC)
  147. Rav Dovid's
  148. Real Talk
  149. Red Panda
  150. Redborne History
  151. Religion and Law in the US (UCSD HIUS 155A)
  152. Religion and Law in the US (UCSD HIUS 155B)
  153. Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean
  154. Replaceable You (Stanford)
  155. Rhetoric 10 (Berkeley)
  156. Rpgmp3
  157. Schlaflos in München
  158. Science & the City
  159. Science Fiction and Politics
  160. Science Friday (NPR)
  161. Sex History Podcast
  162. Shrink Rap Radio 
  163. Šimek 's Nachts (RVU)
  164. the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe
  165. Social Innovation Conversations
  166. Sonic Society
  167. Speaking of Faith (APM)
  168. Stanford U History
  169. Stem Cells: Policy and Ethics (Stanford)
  170. Sterke Geschiedenis
  171. Straight talk about stem cells (Stanford)
  172. Sunday Sundown
  173. Talking Robots
  174. TdF London
  175. Teaching American History
  176. Teaching Company
  177. TED Talks 
  178. That Podcast Show 
  179. The Bitterest Pill
  180. Theories of Law and Society (Berkeley)
  181. the Things We Forgot To Remember
  182. Time Out for Truth
  183. Times Talks
  184. Tudorcast
  185. UCLA Israel Studies
  186. University Channel Podcast (aka UChannel Podcast)
  187. Veertien Achttien
  188. Volkis Stimme
  189. Volkskrant Podcasts
  190. We the People Stories
  191. Welcome to Mars
  192. What is Judaism?
  193. Wise Counsel
  194. the Word Nerds 
  195. the Writing Show
  196. Wynyfryd's meditation room
  197. the Your History Podcast
  198. Your Purpose Centered Life
  199. zencast
  200. zoem
  201. האוניברסיטה המשודרת
  202. מה שהיה היה
  203. קטעים בהיסטוריה
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