Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Edgy Reviews from That Podcast Show 52 - from Edgy's blog

****For more detail not included in the written reviews please listen to the show to find out much more.***

Gateworld Podcast
Category: TV and Film
GateWorld discusses the sci-fi world of Stargate: Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Universe, and the Stargate movies. Darren and David discuss news in the world of Stargate, give episode analysis of the tv shows, and air exclusive interviews with actors and others involved in the Stargate world. They come across as professional and well-spoken hosts with a well-defined show format that makes great use of bumpers and transition music. Even with their in-depth Stargate analysis, they don’t take themselves too seriously, and therefore, make great podcast personalities. The podcast is well produced and offers preferred audio lengths and refreshing consistency. This is a great podcast for anyone interested in the world of Stargate.

Inside Home Recording
Category: Technology
Inside Home Recording is a veteran in the podcasting world having started in August of 2005. It is a great resource for beginner to intermediate musicians and producers who want to know more about the hardware, software, and editing techniques of home recording. Paul and Derek have been the hosts until it was recently announced that Paul Garay will not be in future recordings until an unspecified time in 2009. These two are credible authorities when it comes to reviewing new equipment and software and when responding to listeners’ questions on technical issues. They are professional and keep the show entertaining as well as informative. We are pleased with the various formats this podcast offers including enhanced AAC, MP3, and video podcasts. Inside Home Recording has excellent sound quality: easily in the top 90%. The only negative we found in this otherwise excellent show is the heavy inconsistency in episode releases. Overall, this show is a great resource for anyone who podcasts or is involved with audio or music production.

The Movie Bandits
Category: TV and Film
This is a film discussion podcast in which hosts Austin Brown, Ryan Asava, Ryan Stibich, Dan Wallace, and Rich Geyer preview movie trailers, review movies, and discuss a featured movie they all watched over the weekend in more depth and with spoilers. With so many hosts on every episode, listeners may find it difficult to “get to know” the hosts and sometimes even follow the discussion. We did enjoy the inclusion of the “minisodes” released on Wednesdays however. This show features the use of music, bumpers, and audio clips of trailers to keep the show interesting. The drawback to including the audio of trailers, though, is that without the corresponding visual element, listeners may find the clips more annoying than interesting or helpful. Overall, this is a lively and informative film discussion show, which could be made better with some changes in number of hosts and format.

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