Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Anne is a man and profile sites

I am frequently asked whether I am also available on one profile site or another. It seems my readers want to be able connect to me not just through the blog comments and email. I am indeed available on a range of profile sites, many of which I mainly use to promote the blog. I have decided to let you know where you can link up with me, below.

If you consider to do so, I would be pleased. I would be even more pleased if this linking up could result in something more than just a link between the readers an me. I would love to see the readers linking up with each other. My profiles on Facebook and Hyves, would allow that to a certain extent, but we could expand and join up on a Anne is a Man dedicated Facebook Page, or a Hyve on Hyves. In LinkedIn there is also the possibility to set up a group. Would you be interested in a Anne is Man-group, or better even yet, a podcast reviewer group?

In case there is some interest for one of these options, I will move along and set them up. While at it, this raises another question I have in my mind: would you be interested in getting an email newsletter from me, or be part of a Anne is a Man mailing list?

Questions, questions, questions - here are a few places you can give me answers:

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