Sunday, October 26, 2008

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Some of the posts you can expect this week are about

Veertien Achttien
The Dutch podcast about WW1, which I follow devoutly. Two episodes are to be paid attention to. One about the fallen soldiers and one about the range of exotic participants, from a named Pashtun to scores of Sikh, Maori, Zouave and more.

Celtic Myth Podshow
After two shows about Fintan, the storyteller, I'd like to tell you what the Celtic Myth Podshow told about him.

Globalization was started by Gengis Khan (MMW 4)
I wondered why MMW didn't pay attention to the Middle Ages in one fell swoop, but rather cut it in two. The early Middle Ages were part of MMW3 and MMW4 starts with the 13th century and then goes on beyond the Renaissance. In the latest lecture I cam to understand why: The Mongols changed the world in the 13th century and made it globalized for the first time.

Do I do Profiles?
I do. You can connect to me on a handful of them and here is where.

and more...

Over the following weekend there will be at least the following:
New podcasts of October
All podcasts list on Nov 1st

Historyzine at its best - history podcast review

Historyzine reflects the passion of its maker Jim Mowatt. We could have guessed after 12 episodes, Jim is passionate about history in general and about all things regarding the Spanish War in particular, but in episode 13 he makes it explicit. He explains what were the consequences of the allied victory in Blenheim. And he shows and tells what fascinates him about the Duke of Marlbourough.

Other than that, Historyzine's rubrics are back. The review of a history podcast (All Things Medieval), of a historic movie (The Duchess with Ralph Fiennes and Keira Knightley) and the historic roots of a word (Macaroni). Also this is done with the inspiring enthusiasm that make Historyzine such a splendid amateur history podcast.

If there has been anything missing in Historyzine it was compensated this time around. It is what in my opinion tends to haunt most history podcasts, amateur podcasts in particular. The host retells the historic facts, but spends too little time explaining their importance. It is one thing to hear some exciting facts, but it is history, where you explain why these facts matter. Jim Mowatt for the first time makes clear how the Spanish War of Succession brought down France as the Mega-Power of the day and triggered the French revolution, enabled the independence of the US and gave way for British domination of the world. This is by the way also done very concisely and charmingly in one of Historyzine's audio promos.

More Historyzine:
The battle of Blenheim,
Reliving the War of Spanish Succession,
The year 1703,
On admirals and more,
18th Century Warfare.

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