Saturday, November 8, 2008

Silver lining in the sky - Harvard IdeaCast review

The latest issue of Harvard's podcast Business IdeaCast, contains an interview with Scott Anthony, author of the Innovation Insights blog. Subject of the talk is, whether there is a silver lining in the current economic crisis. Anthony acknowledges the historically observable effect that many a business emerges or is strengthened during the age of crisis. His most profound explanation ofr this phenomenon is that crisis actually stimulates creative business and causes greater scrutiny to kill off expensive experimenting. In other words, when crisis occurs, companies are forced to apply all their creativity to survive and while doing so, much more effectively weed out the good from the bad ideas.

My hope is that the company where I work is one that will thrive. We make a service that allows our customers to speed up their communications. It has been said this is the efficacy of the way people communicate through Twitter, or Facebook, or SMS and many more of those examples, all combined and applied at the working place.

It certainly seems like something everybody needs. Our first customers are very happy and will certain go on using our service and invest in us. So, I hope not only will my job be maintained, but our stuff will turn out to be among those good things that are revealed through crisis. At least the IdeaCast gave me good hope.

Harvard Business IdeaCast review

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