Thursday, April 15, 2010

William the Conqueror - Norman Centuries

As soon as Lars Brownsworth started his Norman Centuries series, I knew what was the episode I was waiting for the most: The one about William the Conqueror. Not that I minded waiting a lot, quite to the contrary. Four preceding podcasts, handing me four predecessors and a century and a half of preceding history, elegantly leading em up to this Norman King I have heard so much, but knew so little about.

The subtle charm in Lars's narratives is the turn up of the unexpected. Many of the Norman Dukes and Kings start out on the wrong foot in life and somehow manage to survive and reverse their lot. This means not just their position of power, frequently also the perception others have of them. I won't give away to much, I urge to listen for yourself and not let me spoil the joy.

William is, in this respect, no different. The orphan king-child seems to be destined to be a puppet for the nobility or for the King of France or the ruler of Burgundy - whoever. Yet, just as we learn from Lars how young William wriggles away from under the yoke of his custodians, the podcast chapter is done. William will have two (at least) podcasts dedicated to him. So, he is not yet the Conquerer, but on this occasion I won't withhold from you a fine piece I found on YouTube: the Animated Bayeux Tapestry

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