Sunday, October 4, 2009

Norman Centuries - Lars is back!

Earlier today I wrote about History According to Bob as one of the oldest podcasters in the history genre. What is probably THE oldest, that is, the one who started history podcasting the earliest is Lars Brownworth. Lars started 12 Byzantine Rulers (feed) mid 2005, when podcasting was still very young and history podcasting had still to be categorized.

Lars went through Byzantine history in two and a half years and then set himself to writing. By now he has finished writing his book (about Byzantine History of course) and he has started a new podcast series: Norman Centuries (feed) Lars is going to tell in the well voiced fashion we know of him, the riveting story of the Normans from about the tenth to the twelfth century.

One installment is out and I have no idea how much time we will take until the next. Here we meet Rollo, the Viking that was the fear of the north of France just has other Vikings were of other shores of north-western Europe. They raided the rich coasts with their ships, but since these ships had little depth, they also sailed up rivers. Rollo made it as far as Paris, that he besieged at least twice. The emperor hoped to buy him off by giving him land, Normandy, and making him into a vassal. We have little doubt the Normans were not really subdued after that.

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