Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Byzantine Sources

The legendary podcast 12 Byzantine Rulers has already come to its end. After the end there has been a conclusion and though I thought it was done then, we have just received a four minute epilogue (mp3) delivering recommendation for reading. And more.

Lars Brownworth, as opposed to my fears, may have given up on teaching and taken up writing, he is not done podcasting. Sources on the net say he left as a high school history teacher top purchase a career as a writer, but we now find out what this means. He is writing a book on Byzantium. He has found a publisher and is probably going to get a head start on sales because of his amazing podcasting audience, Publisher's Weekly reports.

He also announces he is going to do yet another podcast. What is that going to be about? I sent mail and hope to get the answer soon. If you want to keep track of the answer; I am going to post it here and in the comments. So here is how you will be able to get the update: post a comment to this post and check the 'E-mail follow-up comments' box (see picture). You will receive mail, when the information gets through.

I just received a mail from Anders Brownworth (brother of ...):
Hey Anne,

Thanks for all the posts you've been doing. So yes, there will be another podcast on another topic but the project we're working on right now is also on the Byzantines. We went to Istanbul and shot an HD video called "A Walking Tour of Old Constantinople". It will probably show up as a companion video podcast to 12 Byzantine Rulers. Additionally we just released a reading suggestions list to 12 Byzantine rulers and are thinking about releasing an interview with Lars as well. So there might be one or two more additions to 12 Byzantine Rulers yet!

As to the topic of the next real podcast, we can't say just yet. (I can let you know as we get closer though) We will be making that announcement to the members of the 12 Byzantine Rulers email list so people should sign up there. Sign up at the bottom of:

Thanks Anne,


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