Wednesday, February 13, 2008

18th Century Warfare - Historyzine

The Historyzine podcast is presented in a very enthusiastic manner, so much so, it becomes contagious. Had I never given the War of the Spanish Succession a second thought before, Historyzine has effectively made me start to do so. As a nice addition, the latest edition of the podcast has given a plug to this blog of podcast reviews.

Apart from attention to the Spanish Succession War, Historyzine offers reviews of other history podcasts, of relevant websites and in principle also an excursion into the history of a certain word or phrase. In the latest edition this has been omitted though. Host Jim Mowatt has his standards and he was not sufficiently satisfied with the projected item and chose to leave it out.

As to the main subject, he leaves the narrative of the war and makes a side step to discuss warfare in the eighteenth century. He explains how the technological developments till that era had affected warfare such that the scale and the price had gone up considerably. Consequently the character of warfare changed dramatically and Mowatt even tries to make a point this is where modern warfare begins as opposed to in the Napoleonic era. Great content, great analysis and effectively illustrated. This is a history podcast that is here to stay.

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