Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Choosing a design for Anne is a Man

As you may recall, I have started looking for a new design for the blog. When I asked your opinion about it the last time, thanks to your feedback, we had the choice nearly shut. It has to be admitted, I was not yet completely satisfied with it and as a consequence I postponed the implementation a bit more.

Then the present overtook the past: Blogger introduced a whole set of new templates to choose from, replete with a much broader set of fine tuning options and this has thrown us back to the beginning of the process. Although we were nearly set on a design with one column on the left and with a tailored header picture, this choice needs to be revised as the new looks offer so much more, look so different and what is most important: look so much more sleek, professional and advanced.

Before I give you four applied blog looks to get a taste from, I'll introduce you to one of the most important, basic, choices: the column lay-out. Look at the picture to the right and observe the eight choices Blogger offers. From no columns, to columns left right and split through the middle. The columns are to hold the content I now offer in the left column alone and while I dabbled with having two columns and split columns two years ago, I eventually decided against it. Enough room needs to be left for the text and all those add-ons left and right are only distracting. Nowadays I can stretch the blog to a width of 1000 pix though, which does leave some room. I also see use for split columns, as I have add-ons that do and those that do not need ample width.

After getting your input on the columns-issue, I'd love to hear thoughts on all the rest - and there is so much. Background image or pattern. Header image or pattern. Font style and size. Picture frames or not. And so on. Here are five examples of what you might get:
  1. Simple design with no header or background image and with only one column on the left and with picture frames,
  2. Awesome design with header image and left split column and with picture frames,
  3. Picture Window design with standard background image with columns left and right (split) and no picture frames,
  4. Watermark design with header image and columns left and right and with picture frames.

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