Friday, January 16, 2009

Formations of Modern Art

This review basically comes too late. I was just in time to download the lectures of UCSD's Formations of Modern Art by William Bryson. This was, as so often, recommended by DIY Scholar. Now that the podcast has podfaded, I am working my way through the lectures and have a sufficiently good time I want you to be alert, for UCSD will soon enough bring this one out again.

The code is: VIS 22. The title: Formations of Modern Art. The lecturer is William Bryson and this is especially worthy of note, because Bryson personality is one of the dimensions that make this series attractive - or repulsive if you are not in to it. Bryson has a flamboyant and affected speaking style that is very 'gay' so to speak. It makes for colorful and expressive comment, but again, you have to like it.

If you do, it adds to the entertainment of the series. The fact that art is discussed and necessarily not visibly (it is audio after all) may be a terrible disadvantage, but I find it just an additional challenge.