Wednesday, August 27, 2008

7th son book 2 - J.C. Hutchins thriller review

Have I said I am not particularly fit for listening to fictional podcasts? Well, be that as it may,  J. C. Hutchins's podnovel and thriller 7th Son was a podcast I could not stop listening to. I have hundreds of podcasts on my playlist, many of which I want to review on this blog. 7th Son was already reviewed, but I simply could not stop listening to it. The thriller had taken me in and I spent a couple of days finishing book 1 and book 2. (legacy feed)(current feed)

It rarely happens anymore, I am so taken in with a podcast, that even when I am done reviewing it, I continue to listen. What is it with 7th son that did it? What makes it all the more a mystery is that neither am I too good at listening to fictional podcasts, I am not much of a fan of the SciFi and thriller genres. The thriller genre, however, works with cliffhangers, and if you are caught, the thriller is working for you. 7th son managed to catch me, surprise me, keep me engaged and what is most important, had me identify with the main characters.

The main characters are the seven men that one day find out they are clones and must set out to stop their original. Hutchins works the thriller masterfully and had me surprised on many instances, but also invested sufficiently in the psychology of the clones, especially the 7th clone. It should not come as a surprise therefore this listening sensation is going to be published as a book soon and a movie should be expected. In the mean time, I am on to book 3.

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