Monday, July 21, 2008

Forgotten Classics - podcast review

I am not a good audience for audiobooks, I guess. I have tried my ears on a couple of stories and books read on podcast and it never really worked for me. It could be because of the fact I had to listen to prose read in a non-native language to me (I tried English and German), but it could also be, I am more a listener to lectures after all. I have a couple of good reasons to review a listen-to-prose podcast anyway: Forgotten Classics. (feed)

I think the reading was done quite well, so if you are in to this kind of podcast, here is one I can recommend. In addition, the podcast contains an introductory and closing section in which the host, Julie, addresses her audience with whatever is on her mind. This gives for a very warm, community feel to the podcast, just as David van Nuys establishes on Shrink Rap Radio. Like Dr. Dave, Julie is very good at creating the intimate atmosphere that makes you feel at home in her show.

The most important reason to attend to Forgotten Classics, is that Julie gives listening tips for the podcast addicts such as you and me. She picks from the widest range of podcasts possible and seems to fulfill the reviewer and advisory role, not just also for her listeners, but also for her family members. So, there is some to find for everyone. More than that, also on the blog that goes along with the podcast, she reports on her findings in podcasts. So, this podcast and blog is a treasure trove for new podcast finds, even if it points you back to Anne is a Man. (Thanks Julie!)

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Julie D. said...

Thank you so much for such a kind review! I hope that many blog readers find their way to you via Forgotten Classics (since you have such good taste in podcasts, after all! ha!). :-)

The man called Anne said...

I can see a lot of them are finding this blog through you. In addition I notice some traffic in your direction, starting here.