Thursday, November 1, 2007

Irving poetry podcast

"John Irving & Chris Irving reading their poetry"; what more do you need? I am a great fan of novelist John Irving and when I was down with the Whiplash, I reread my favorite of his novels: A prayer for Owen Meany. So why not look for John Irving in a podcast?

Description of what I found says John Irving reading poems about etcetera. Chris Irving is supposed to read also. This is John's wife Christine, so it turns out and why wouldn't these be the John Irving I know and his wife? No siree!

They are more like characters from A prayer for Owen Meany. John Irving and Chris (Christine) Irving, are like the Rev. Dudley Wiggin and his wife Barb (Barbara) Wiggin, only they left the Episcopalian Church to become pagans. And they are no longer reinventing the Christmas Pageant, but instead engage in bland, free verse, they call poetry. Just as the Rev. Wiggin, Mr. Irving is a former pilot and has a warring influence in his language. Enough said. I am sure John Irving is his real name, but can you publicize your writing like this?

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