Friday, September 3, 2010

Heads-up for 3 September 2010

Academic courses on podcast recommended by DIY Scholar are always worth a try. And now that the semesters have started, there is much to find and she is the source to look out for. For example, she points to Intellectual History of the United States which can be had from Berkeley.

While at it, it serves to take a look at Berkeley's Webcasts. I have already chose three courses in the new semester.
Philosophy 6
Geography C110
History 5

Europe from its Origins
Episode 17 Cultural Shift 1200s 1300s
A major transformation in the religious, moral and artistic culture of Europe occurred during the Central Middle Ages, a shift in the whole tenor of Latin Christian civilization, its sensibility and values. The usual stress on the transformative effects of the Renaissance have obscured this fundamental cultural advance, whose effects are omnipresent in our culture today. In this episode we trace the outline of that great transformative shift.
(review, feed)

Galileo weiß, wo Ihr Paket is
Ein modernes Entwicklungslabor für Ortung, Navigation und Kommunikation in Verkehr und Logistik befindet sich in Magdeburg. Partner aus Industrie und Forschung entwickeln und testen im Galileo-Testfeld Sachsen-Anhalt gemeinsam satellitengestützte Anwendungen für die Verkehrs- und Logistikbranche, den öffentlichen Nahverkehr, die Telematik und die funkgestützte Kommunikation.

China History Podcast - Laszlo Montgomery

In the past weeks I have found a number of podcasts addressing the history of a certain nation state.Yesterday I wrote about a podcast giving the history of Korea. Today I will write about the China History Podcast by Laszlo Montgomery. Coming up are podcasts about the history of Japan and an issue about the history of Pakistan. I am also, with great interest, following a lecture course about the history of Iran, which I have mentioned several times before.

Laszlo Montgomery's podcast I found on iTunes while looking for national histories. The China History Podcast brings every week a story from Chinese history told by Montgomery in a very agreeable fashion (feed). It is the way of many history podcasters: to simply sit down in front of the microphone and read out the script you have for this program. And Montgomery knows to read well, so it works. The one slightly exceptional addition he has made so far is that he has added more than one picture to the show. So while you listen it serves to take a peek at your iPod's screen and see various pictures pass by. This is not yet an enhanced show in the sense that you can skip from section to section., but I have a feeling it may develop into this, or into a vodcast, as the podcast Europe from its Origins did.

The latest issue is a question and answers section which, I guess before listening, Montgomery has learned from History according to Bob. It would also suggest he has built an audience already, big enough to give ample feedback. It sure is a podcast that deserves a wide audience.