Friday, August 28, 2009

Endorsing Anne is a Man as a resource for podcasts

Recently this blog has received two outstanding endorsements. First, on Twitter, Nigel Warburton the professor of philosophy at the Open University in Britain and maker of the excellent podcast Philosophy Bites, called this blog "Best general reviewer of podcasts around." His tweet was immediately retweeted by Professor Ron McClamrock (departemernt of Philosophy, University at Albany) , altering it to "Best general reviewer of (intellectual) podcasts".

Today, I found Professor Charles Lipson (University of Chicago), who has endorsed this blog before, in an interview he gave at the blog Wide Awake Minds. There is he explains his ideas and activities into self-education. On the subject of resources he says: "When I’m looking for podcasts, for instance, I always read the analysis at Anne is a Man, which specializes in reviewing educational podcasts."

I am delighted by these endorsements and feel they are coming at the right time. This blog deserves to be more known throughout. Therefore, I ask each reader of this blog to do the same as the professors: endorse the blog at any platform you are active as a spokesperson.