Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Professor Charles Lipson - University of Chicago

It happens frequently that only by chance I discover other sites point to this blog. So far, nobody has sent me mail: hey, I am linking to your site. Sometimes, however, I can see it coming. For example when I have asked for a link, or from a podcast site, whose podcast I reviewed. Other than that, usually I only detect it unless people start clicking through, or when Google Alerts pop up.

Thus, I only recently found out a link that may have been there for quite some time. This was at a site with a page about Politics and Culture and I was listed as a source for finding quality audio on line. I proceeded to thank the site owner for linking through and this was his response:

Dear Anne—

I really appreciate your letter and your lovely words.  You not only have a very interesting site, you have one of the best names (and names for a Web site) I have ever seen.

I’m sure your American friends have told you about Johnny Cash’s hit song, many years ago, called “A Boy Named Sue.”  [...]  But “Anne is a Man” beats them all.  And it is a very useful site, too.  I find the podcast reviews thoughtful and helpful.


Please feel free to keep in touch and know that I enjoy checking in to your Web site.

Charles Lipson
Professor of Political Science
Director, PIPES: the Program on International Politics, Economics, and Security
University of Chicago

I'll do a search for other linking sites and will report about them soon. Should you know of any - tell me about it.

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