Sunday, August 17, 2008

Historicast - podcast review

What is podcast if not audio? Silly question? Well, many history podcasts are no more than monologues or lectures. The use of audio is an exception. An example and a good one for such an exception is Historicast.(feed)

In its latest issue, it reviews the HBO mini-series about John Adams. Needless to say, sound bytes from the promos give a good feel of the work. The host, Jordan, speaks with acclaim of the series. He claims it serves well to refresh your basic knowledge of US History. (Well for me there is little, so it will probably tell me news) In addition he found a couple of new facts and especially liked the angles of the series. John Adams comes to life. Moreover, John Adams is a little less than Jefferson or Washington, a hero of the era and Jordan appreciates this relatively unlikely choice of hero for the story.

Historicast doesn't publish very frequently, but each time it does it is a pleasure on the pod.

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