Saturday, June 14, 2008

The blitz on London - BTHP review

The Binge Thinking History Podcast suffered a long spell of podblock - writer's block for podcasters. The podcast is intent on bringing an episode a month, but couldn't deliver for two months. Host Tony Cocks managed to overcome his creative blockade and two days ago delivered the next installment.

This is supposed to be the penultimate episode about the Battle of Britain. We were served a last chapter of facts and figures and are expected to analyze and draw conclusions in the next edition. The battle has been coined by Churchill (audio fragment on the show) as the war in which a narrow victory was won and never 'so many owed so much to so few', but the question has been raised and is warranted by all means, how decisive and pivotal the bravery of the air men have been. And how close did they come to defeat?

Cocks's execution this episode is superb. The introductory overview of the battle so far, helps to pick up, where we left off and as usual his great voice and captivating story telling is making for a good listen. His use of sound effects and audio fragments is better than ever and gives for a real radio feel.

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