Sunday, February 24, 2008

Battle of Britain - BTHP podcast review

The Binge Thinking History podcast, after having concluded the series about the British roots in the American constitution, has started a new series about the Battle of Britain. Has the battle been won only by a hair? Was the battle as decisive to WW2 as we used to be taught? Recently we saw BBC history magazine shed some doubt to these widely accepted facts.

Whether Tony Cocks will reach different conclusions in the BTHP remains to be seen. After two issues he is first and foremost entrenched in getting the data in place. For me that is a taxing listening experience. I was glad he took the time to explain RADAR, but felt my terrible lack of understanding in military matters when he went about the details of the planes involved and the confrontations between them.

At least two more issues on this subject are to be expected and hopefully, once the data are sorted we will see some conclusions. I'd love to find out about the importance of the Battle of Britain in the perspective of BTHP. Was it nearly lost? Was it as decisive? Has an invasion of the British isles ever been a danger? Will Tony address these questions?

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Tony Cocks said...

Thanks for the review. I hope to answer all the questions you raise...and the answer to your final question is...yes!

Anne the Man said...

As soon as you do, I'll give a wrap up review of Binge Thinking's Battle of Britain series.