Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Glenn Greenwald - Media Matters

On Media Matters Bob McChesney spoke with Glenn Greenwald about the role of the media versus politics. Greenwald voices harsh criticism towards the media for not fulfilling its controlling rule and basically apply themselves to the the powers that be.

According to Greenwald, main stream journalism (Newspapers and TV) in the US have been meekly reporting about national and foreign policy without criticism and without serious investigation as to the claims politicians make in public and how they conduct as representatives and authorities as well as regarding the powerful corporations. This has reached its peak under the Bush administration and created an atmosphere in which it censored itself lest it would be perceived as unpatriotic and extremist. The Bush administration has hardly needed to put the pressure on and now under the Obama administration, Greenwald perceives no difference.

Worst in his eyes is Fox News, but it reaches until quality newspaper such as NYT. What one takes away from his criticism that it is tough to find independent and dependable sources of information. The best place to go is the web where bloggers such as Greenwald are the last bastion of true journalism.

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