Monday, May 5, 2008

Missing Link with monotheists

Proceeding on its journey to get clarity on the Evolution vs. Creation divide, The Missing Link podcast makes a stop at the three monotheistic religions. For an American audience, the divide should position Evolution with science and Creation with religion, but this need not be so.

The podcast reveals that it is a strong Protestant, Evangelistic, inclination, to root for Creation as the religiously sanctioned position. Their companion, so is claimed, is found with Islam and the podcast states that by all means, Islam is showing the widest consensus against Evolution.

The student essays then concentrate on Judaism and Catholicism. I found it not the strongest edition of The Missing Link, but with an interview with George Coyne (astrophysicist and former director of the Vatican Observatory) the issue does have a renewing feature. The bottom line is that Judaism and Catholicism leave much more room for science to make claims about facts and feel comfortable taking the scripture metaphorically.

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