Monday, June 21, 2010

Watch a World Cup stream with foreign IP

Besides being busy with a lot of serious stuff, I am also kept away from podcasts because of the World Cup. This is even a bit of a quest, as I love to watch football with Dutch commentary and I am stuck with Israeli TV. The Dutch national broadcaster offers live streams, but they are open to Dutch IP's only. So, I am shut out with my foreign IP. But there is a solution.

I found out that at Eurovision Sports, one can see the national broadcasts of the World Cup from some 36 European television stations - among them the Dutch. If you go to the Eurovisionsports site, you will get the game without commentary - which is also not bad, especially if internet traffic is heavy, as this stream is the most robust. In the sidebar you can click channels (1-12, 13-14 and 25-36) and choose your preferred broadcaster. Once you do, you get to enjoy the entire football broadcast from that station just as you would with a national IP on their own site.

Apart from the Dutch channels (Netherlands, Belgium), there are channels in French, German, English and many other languages.