Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reported podcasts in January 2010 - Anne is a Man

As promised in my new Report a Podcast policy (which will get its own page soon), I will sum up the recommendations that you have channeled to me and that I did not get round to to review within the month.

HNI Podcast (feed)
Science podcast by the Honeywell Nobel Interactive Studio. Recommended to me by RKawabata through Twitter: "Hello, we enjoy your blog and would be thrilled if you could review our HNI science podcast! "

Living History (feed)
The podcast for the reenacting community. Recommended by Jim through chat. "Jim: btw have you spotted this podcast ?"

Holloway series in poetry (Berkeley) (feed)
Recommended by Sean in a comment: "Berkeley's Holloway Series in Poetry can often be quite good. I felt a particularly good one was with Michael McClure."

Poetry off the shelf (feed)
Recommended by Gaurav in a comment: "The Poetry Off The Shelf podcast by the Poetry Foundation is fantastic. The PF has a bunch of other good podcasts as well, including a poem-of-the-day and a Great American Poets podcast, but Poetry Off The Shelf has a nice mix of poetry readings accompanied by poet interviews, commentary by the excellent host, Curtis Fox, and really good pointers at other online and offline poetry resources. I just can't recommend it highly enough."

Through the mail came the following recommendations:

The same group of guys that brought you the Metal Rules! Magazine in the 90's, now have a radio show. Metal Rules Radio (feed) interviews musicians/personalities in the metal music community, reviews song submissions from up and coming artists, and has fun discussing a variety of topics every show. New episodes are posted every Sunday.

Seeing as there is a chance this comment will go ahead if you don't get a chance to review the podcast I'm going to say that With Cheese (feed) is the world's most direct source of profound knowledge and insight, at absolutely no cost to the listener they are transported on a journey into the minds of four of today's greatest thinkers, only to be shot out into the world an hour or so later fundamentally changed and at least one stop past their chosen destination.
I hope for the sake of those seeking divine inspiration that you can find the time to review "With Cheese" and see that I may have exaggerated the wisdom, but underplayed the humour.
(also available on the UK itunes but i couldn't find a direct much for wise eh?)
we can also be contacted at
Thanks very much
The chaps at with cheese

On the Podcast Parlor I got two recommendations for German podcasts from Frank O.

Küchenradio (feed)
Frank writes: "I like (interviews etc.), a spare time project of some radio journalists interviewing people in their kitchen (with varying quality, episodes I can recommend are e.g. 239, 116, 127, 47)."

Chaosradio Express (feed)
Frank writes: "Chaosradio Express is very good technical one, focusing on IT topics (as well as privacy and related political topics; there is also a quite interesting episode on coffee."

And last but not least Ronald sent me a link to a German radio station (Multikulti) that gives podcasts in various languages, among others in Russian.