Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stone Pages Archaeo News podcast

It showed again in my Friday post: the majority of podcasts I listen to are history podcasts. And in this respect I am an omnivore - I like to listen to all history podcasts. I have no preference for any era or type of history. The reason is as simple as why I like maps: I like to be oriented. I like to know where I am, in space and in time.

Therefore I like to also keep an eye on blogs that summarize history news such as A Blog About History. And in the realm of archeology and ancient history there are the Stone Pages. The Stone Pages have a news rubric, as a blog, but also as a podcast Archaeo News (feed) The news is read by David Connolly in a very lively fashion. There seems to be an emphasis on news from the British Isles, but that may be on account of the available sources.

Archeo News is a very nice podcast to get updates on various tidbits in archeology findings as reported in the media and collected by the Stone Pages. Other than A Blog About History, Archaeo News does a little bit more than just repeating a central paragraph in the found news time. Connolly takes the presented findings and puts them in a quick historic perspective.