Thursday, July 5, 2007

What the Writing Show does for us

Man writes because he wants to be read -- female company not excepted. Hence, writing is one thing, getting published is the necessary next. I write because I want to and, I guess, I also want to be read. Do I?

In any case, I listen to the Writing Show in order to get all the advice I need about writing and of course, publishing, but mostly I listen in order to be encouraged. Between you and me: I need all the encouragement I can get. The problem with me and the Writing Show is, that no matter how lovely the show is and it is, cross my heart, its effect on me is mostly discouragement.

From what I hear, maybe for writing I have the right make up, but for publishing? No way! The latest show was yet another lethal blow to my belief, hope and will to publish. Paula B interviews writer Jeff DeRego who debunks the myth of publish on demand (POD), reiterates how hard it is to get accepted with agents and major publishers and then, when summarizing what self-publishing means, comes up with nothing better looking.

You know? I think I write, because I want to. If you like to read what I write, please ask me about it. Other then that, I do not want to wager my precious serenity to hunting editors, agents, publishers and last but not least the public. I do not think I need that. I love creating my gems - if they are gems - and I grow to happily leave it at that. Let the gem be a gem for the discoverer.