Friday, September 12, 2008

7th son book 3 - thriller podcast review

Too bad it ended. Even if it ended well, that is, with a good end, an end befitting a great book. And as with great books after you have finished them: too bad you are done reading them. Too add, I am done listening to J.C. Hutchins's 7th son, the trilogy. (legacy feed)(current feed)

Just as the first and the second book, the third kept me glued to my ear plugs. I couldn't stop listening until it was done. I find this particularly amazing, since book 3 had to tie down all the loose knots. Also, the third book had much less variety in characters and plot lines. Books one and two had the story split into parallel lines and move all over the place, but three had to bring that all back into a proportionate end. And I have to admit, I had a pretty fair idea how this was going to untie and was afraid the book would become predictable.

I also thought there was a danger of deception. With the high brow conspiracies going on, I didn't see how this could end and be explained and sort back into normal order, without something fizzling out in the story. But none of that happened. What a crafted story teller Hutchins is. With fewer characters and fewer places to go and a plot that needed to wind down, he managed to throw surprise after surprise and exciting twist after exciting twist at me. Brilliant. Even now that I know how it ends, I may listen to it again.

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