Friday, October 24, 2008

That Podcast Show #51 - the blog entry

My colleagues at That Podcast Show, have put out their last issue of podcast reviews, containing:

The Brain Science Podcast with Dr. Ginger Campbell
Category: Science and Medicine
Dr. Ginger Campbell gives in-depth discussions on advancements in neuroscience - the study of the human brain. Dr. Campbell is a well-informed and well-spoken host, but the specific material being delivered in each episode is crucial to whether this show is interesting or monotonous. The Brain Science Podcast is heavily dependent on which guest Dr. Campbell is able to interview. When Campbell serves as the only voice for a specific episode, it can be quite dull because of the monotonous delivery and dryness of the material being covered. Guests are able to balance-out Campbell thus allowing her to demonstrate her ability to interview. This show could also benefit from being shortened and somehow broken into smaller segments with more bumpers, such as the currently used instrumental music, to break up the monotony. The Brain Science Podcast is well-produced and professional and worth a listen to anyone interested in the human mind.

DVD Weekly Podcast
Category: TV and Film
Don and Jarrod Schockow are two brothers who discuss upcoming DVD releases each week. As brothers, they have excellent chemistry and talk animatedly about their subject within a regular format consisting of upcoming releases, that week’s most wanted DVD, and funny or unusual DVD titles. Each host gets random bursts of energy as if he were receiving shots of caffeine throughout the show. Both cover their topic in great detail, at times running a bit long. They are very opinionated and should be careful about alienating listeners with their opinions. Also, the blowing of fans and children playing are heard numerous times in the background. Overall this is a well-produced show with good sound quality, presentation, and consistency. Some listeners will find it to be very entertaining.

HYH Radio: The Yvonne Pierre Show
Category: Personal Journals
Host Yvonne Pierre interviews a variety of guests on different topics relevant to personal growth and emotional health. Her goal is to uplift, inspire, and inform. Yvonne shows a clear interest in her topics and her guests and seems to be driven by a desire to help others achieve inspiration and satisfaction in their lives. Yvonne, while passionate in intent, suffers in her delivery. More time spent in post-production to eliminate unnecessary transition words such as “um” and “uh” would greatly improve the presentation. HYH Radio also employs the easy-to-use yet sound quality-compromising Blog Talk Radio. While this causes some problems with audio, it does a fair job of getting the material across. It is evident that Yvonne is trying to find her feet, and we encourage her to keep going.

(This is a quotation from Edgy's blog)

This weekend on Anne is a Man (or afterwards)

Dear Readers,

This weekend I am planning to make the following posts:
  • An announcement of That Podcast show relating what podcasts they reviewed on their 51st podcast
  • A review of the Hebrew podcast מה שהיה היה, which is a recording of Radio Har HaTsofim, the radio station of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
  • A review of the new podcast Science & the City, a podcast of the New York academy of science. Among others there was an episode dedicated to Philip Zimbardo's research on how people experience time and how this affects their decision making and well-being in life.
  • A review of the last episode of Historyzine, which turned out to be an especially good one.

Other reviews that are to be expected are among others about Veertien Achttien, the Dutch podcast about World War I. On a side note, the maker of Veertien Achttien, Tom Tacken, told me he had misspelled the last name of one of the soldiers in the Great War. When discussing Otto Weddigen, he thought the name was Weddingen. This has been corrected, also by me in my review of this cast.

I have also found yet another blog that points to mine: Gwyn's Blog, the personal blog of a Welshman named Gwyn Hughes. Gwyn is a Man, so to say!

Happy weekend to all of you,