Monday, December 8, 2008

Get your podcast courses before they are gone

Here is a short post about the UCSD podcasts. As every end of the quarter, the university will clean up the feeds and whatever course you had been following, or wanted to follow, or was considering to follow, will be gone. Forever. Go to the UCSD podcast page now and preemptively subscribe to any course you might want to try later and get all, each and every, lectures now, before the season closes.

Courses I have followed:
MMW 4 New Ideas / Clash of Cultures
MMW 4T Understanding / Pre-Modern World (be aware, most files are empty)
POLI 113A East Asian Thought / Comparative Perspective

Course recommended by Dara from Do It Yourself Scholar
VIS 22 Formations of Modern Art

But there are lots and lots more!

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