Monday, January 25, 2010

Famous voices at Volkis Stimme

When I last wrote about Volkis Stimme, I already had a feeling the podcast was undergoing a renewal and the way it has begun 2010 certain confirms that impression. In stead of the regular news satire, Volker Klärchen brought us two shows which covered an interview with voice over artist Oliver Rohrbeck. (Oliver Rohrbeck, Teil 1; Oliver Rohrbeck, Teil 2)

Oliver Rohrbeck appeared in many audio plays (for Germans Justus Jonas from Die drei Fragezeichen is very prominent) as well as gave his voice in synchronization to many famous characters in American films and TV series. The result is that his voice is very famous, but his face (or his person) is not. To have one like him on a podcast show is obviously very befitting. And Volker Klärchen proves to be an engaged, enthusiastic and pleasant interviewer, resulting in a fascinating double show.

It was the profound difference between Dutch and German TV, when I grew up, that foreign productions on German TV were synchronized, whereas Dutch TV would bring them with subtitles. The dubbing therefore was no serious industry in Holland, but it was, obviously, in Germany. Consequently, talents such as Rohrbeck's could flourish. We Dutch used to look down upon the synchronization, but through the interview I have come to understand the complexity and artistry in it as well as the thoroughness and seriousness with which this was regularly done. For example, Rohrbeck did the voice of Michael the older brother of Elliott in ET. When ET was rerun with a new cut and additional scenes had to be dubbed. Rohrbeck tells how he was involved in making these new scenes fit with he previous contribution.

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